The Outlook Fund

The Outlook Fund makes grants to local groups that are working to improve the quality of the lives of young people living in Cambridgeshire (including Peterborough) that face difficulty and disadvantage, with a focus on looked after children.

Outlook Fund grants are made to charitable projects that offer extra activities and opportunities that can help looked after children widen their experience, gain self-confidence, and succeed at school.

The Outlook Fund has adopted a long term approach to fundraising. All money donated into the fund is held as an endowed sum and on an annual basis a percentage of the fund (currently 5%) is used to make grants.

Donations to the fund are welcome, whatever the size.

Looked After Children

A Looked After Child is a child in the care of a Local Authority for more than 24 hours, either:

  • through a Care Order made by a Court or
  • voluntary agreement with their parent(s) to accommodate them.

They may be looked after:

  • in a Children's Home,
  • by foster carers,
  • in residential settings like schools or secure units, or
  • by other family members.

All Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children are also Looked After Children.

Applications are invited from groups with charitable purposes who are working to improve the quality of the lives of young people living in Cambridgeshire that face difficulty and disadvantage. Priority is given to work with looked after children that achieves one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Increased level of new looked after children participating in activity
  • Increased confidence / emotional well-being
  • New opportunities / experiences
  • New skills / qualifications
  • Healthier lifestyles
  • More volunteering opportunities
  • Engaging in new hobbies / interests (e.g. sport/art/music)

It is the aim of the fund that at least 50% of the funding goes directly to groups supporting looked after children.

Fund Remit Expansion

As of January 2020, the remit of the fund now includes projects working to reduce the risk of children and young people going into care. This could include projects that:

  • build on the strengths of the existing family
  • provide interventions to improve a child or young person's behaviour and attachment (home, school, etc) and to build their resilience
  • support families in crisis (domestic violence, substance misuse, parents in prison, etc)
  • support kinship care families

The fund also supports projects that provide support for Care Leavers, including young people over the age of 18.

In addition, the fund will now consider applications for multi-year grants (up to three years). Grants will normally be offered in the range of between £1,500 and £12,000 (please note that this is for the whole project, not per year).