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December 2020

Cambridgeshire Education Opportunities Fund

The Cambridgeshire Community Foundation has launched a new charitable fund with initial funding of almost £40,000. A group of local donors have created the fund, led by Dr Andy Harter CBE DL and Ms Lily Bacon DL, and also including Cambridge University Press and The Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

The fund will make grants available for local schools and charities to support projects aiming to raise the attainment, opportunities, and wider outcomes of 3-16 year-olds, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds in primary & secondary education.  The fund will support young people in Cambridgeshire, initially within Cambridge City and Fenland, who may face a range of challenges or disadvantage including educational under-attainment, behavioural problems, poor mental health, exclusion from school, etc. The donors behind the fund are passionate that all young people have opportunities to improve their life chances and to thrive and fulfil their potential though: education, learning new skills and in developing their character and confidence.  

For 2020/2021 the fund is specifically aimed at projects for recovery and resilience in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic. The fund will aim for projects that address wellbeing and mental health, educational and social enrichment, educational catch-up, digital deficit and preparation for school leavers.  


See the fund web page for more details on eligibility and how to apply. 

Cambridgeshire Education Opportunities Fund