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New partnership with Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited

CCF is excited to announce our new partnership with Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited.  Napp has generously donated £10,000 to the Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund to help support the most vulnerable people in our community during this challenging time.  Additionally, we are launching a new fund together in 2020!  The Napp Pharmaceuticals Community Fund will support communities in Cambridgeshire to make changes to improve health and wellbeing.

Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited is a privately-owned, UK pharmaceutical company, based in the heart of the Cambridge science community. Napp has grown up with the NHS, providing innovative medicines since the 1920s as part of its commitment to move medicine forward for doctors and patients in the UK. They strive to offer new medicines and initiatives that meet genuine needs, make a positive difference to patients’ lives and support the NHS in delivering effective, high-quality, sustainable healthcare.

This Fund is one of four core initiatives that make up Napp’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme; Giving Matters. Everyone at Napp shares a deep sense of pride and compassion for those who make up their community and through Giving Matters, they are able to make meaningful contributions to those around them.

Grants of £2,000 to £5,000 will be given to projects helping people facing disadvantage and projects engaging with and supporting local people. The aim is to build stronger, healthier, more inclusive and more sustainable communities.

The fund focuses around CCF's 'Improving Lives' funding stream which supports the following core grant programmes:

  • Children and Families
  • Adults facing life crisis and
  • Adults with health conditions

Additional information for applicants can be found here:


Anglian Water joins forces with Community Foundations to distribute £1million funding pot

Hundreds of local causes set to benefit from Anglian Water’s community funding

In April, Anglian Water launched plans to establish a new £1 million community support fund to provide a cash boost for local communities to help fight the impacts of Coronavirus.

Over £50,000 of the cash has already been fast-tracked to front line organisations in the immediate response to battle the pandemic. Just a matter of weeks later, the company has revealed how the rest of the funding will be distributed to those who need it most2.

Anglian is working with 15 Community Foundations in the East of England to allocate their £1million Positive Difference Fund. Collectively there are 46 Community Foundations and, using their extensive local expertise, they have given out over £1billion in grants across the UK.  

Half of Anglian’s Positive Difference Fund is being made available immediately, with the remaining half released later in the year to meet emerging needs from the fallout from the pandemic. Eligible organisations will be able to apply to their local Community Foundation for grants of up to £5,000.

The money will help local charitable organisations deal with emerging issues in the community as a result of the continuing threat of coronavirus. Organisations like food banks, outreach programmes and those helping the most vulnerable can ask for support from the Positive Difference Fund via the Community Foundations to help those shielding or suffering from financial hardship, homelessness, loneliness and isolation.

Peter Simpson, Anglian Water’s Chief Executive, said: “Offering support to individuals in our communities who really need it has never been more important. As one of the biggest businesses serving our region, it’s absolutely right we extend our support in whatever way we can.

“As an essential service, our role first and foremost is to keep taps running and toilets flushing. But we know we have a bigger role beyond that in helping the communities we serve. Because of the nature of our work, we’ve so far been able to keep all our colleagues employed, and we’ll do everything we can to maintain that. We know many thousands will not be so fortunate, and we sincerely hope this fund can go some way to helping them. “

Rosemary Macdonald, Interim CEO of UK Community Foundations, said: “Anglian Water’s extraordinarily generous donation comes at a time when many in our communities are feeling the very real impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The 15 community foundations involved all have expert local knowledge and will ensure that this money makes its way to the local charities and community groups that have been working flat-out to support the people most in need throughout this crisis.”

Other support, available from Anglian Water’s Extra Care offering, includes discounted tariffs alongside affordable payment plans. More than 300,000 customers each year are already helped this way.

The water company also helps customers identify if they may be eligible for benefits they are not claiming. Anglian Water has already signposted customers to a potential £4.5m of unclaimed aid, with the average amount that customers may be entitled to far outweighing the cost of the average water bill.

It is also adding customers to its Priority Services Register faster than ever before, meaning they will get tailored help and special assistance should they need it. 

Further information, eligibility criteria and how to apply for a grant from the Positive Difference Fund can be found here.


Cambscuisine Community Fund awards £30,000 to projects helping vulnerable people

Grassroots groups working in Cambridgeshire have received much-needed grants to help support local people facing challenges such as homelessness, financial hardship and mental well-being.

The Cambscuisine Community Fund, managed by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation in partnership with Cambscuisine, was set up in September last year and will award local charities and community groups twice a year. The fund will enable local charities and organisations to improve lives and build upon the already fantastic work that is happening in the local community.

Cambscuisine raise the funds by adding a discretionary £1 to every bill over £30 throughout the group’s 9 restaurants. The fund builds upon existing charitable work done by the local family-run business which has roots deep in Cambridgeshire. They already have many charitable programmes in place including paid staff volunteering days and a Back To Work Scheme which gives vulnerable people a chance to get back into work.

“With the support of our loyal customers, Cambscuisine Community Fund will be able to support local charities and organisations that aim to improve the quality of life for the vulnerable people of Cambridge,” said Oliver Thain, Managing Director at Cambscuisine.

The projects awarded funding are:

  • CHS Group were awarded £15,641 to run an Outreach Employment Advice Service for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed in Cambridge to enable them to move on with their lives.
  • Turtle Dove Cambridge were awarded £5,132 to provide specific employment training and emotional support to young women facing disadvantage, many of whom are at risk of homelessness and living in supported housing.
  • Cogwheel Trust CIO were awarded £2,240 to provide weekly counselling sessions for vulnerable and financially disadvantaged men to improve mental well-being.
  • Cambridge Cyrenians were awarded £3,000 to run the Meaningful Activities project to empower homeless or vulnerably housed people to undertake training and work experience to learn new skills, earn qualifications and ultimately move into, or towards, employment.
  • Wintercomfort were awarded £3,300 to support homeless people into work by providing IDs, bus passes or bikes, and a one-off cost of living allowance once they're employed.

You can find out more about the Cambscuisine Community Fund here.


Funding to support those affected by Coronavirus

Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

The National Emergencies Trust has today launched an appeal to raise funds to help local charities to support those individuals suffering hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The National Emergencies Trust will distribute money raised through a number of charitable organisations including local Community Foundations, to ensure it reaches those who need it most.

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation is well placed to support local charities to overcome challenges presented by this ongoing emergency.

Details of the NET fund and criteria for groups to apply for funding will follow in the next few days. 

The NET funding is in addition to our own urgent appeal for Cambridgeshire. Find out more about the Cambridgeshire Coronavirus Community Fund here.



What to do if your project is affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

We recognise that the covid-19 outbreak is an exceptional event that will have an impact on the work of charitable groups in Cambridgeshire and beyond, and want to offer reassurance that we stand with the sector during this time. We wish to be as helpful as possible during the coming weeks and months so that groups can focus on the vital work of supporting people in our communities. We understand that there will be times when staff and volunteers will not be available, when beneficiaries may need services to be provided in different ways, or when systems need to be flexible to ensure that needs are met.

If your project funded by us is affected by the covid-19 outbreak, please contact us on outlining your concerns in writing and we will review on a case-by-case basis. We are committed to:

  • Adapting activities – we recognise that you may experience difficulties achieving some of the outputs or outcomes we agreed for your grant during the outbreak, so please let us know if you are affected in this way.
  • Discussing dates – we don’t want to add pressure, so if you think you will struggle to meet a reporting deadline please get in touch with us so that we can agree a more realistic time for you. Please do include new suggested timings in your email.
  • Listening to you – we are here if you want to talk to us about the situation you’re facing, but we’ll wait for you to call us so that these conversations are at the right time for you.

Please note that project changes can only be made if you inform us in writing in advance so please keep in touch.