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Charitable Funds managed by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation

Cambridgeshire Community Foundation manages a growing number of funds that have been established or supported by individuals and organisations. Details of some of the funds are listed below.

If you are interested in setting up a new charitable fund or transferring an existing fund under the umbrella of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, or in CCF to assisting in the delivery of a programme distributing financial support to local charitable projects, please contact CCF to discuss. You will note there are many examples of people and organisations choosing to do all three of these options with CCF.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please go to the Apply page where you will be guided through the process and directed to funds that might be relevant to your needs. You do not need to identify a fund before you start the process - the staff at CCF will do that for you.

Please note this is a list of funds accepting applications for the 1st February deadline (unless otherwise specified on the page) and not an exhaustive list of our portfolio of funds. If you cannot see the specific fund you are looking for that means it is not currently open for applications either because it is closed or because it has a different deadline. Please google 'Cambridgeshire Community Foundation' and the fund name or email info@cambscf.org.uk for more details.