Become a Friend of CCF

We are passionate about improving our communities and the life chances of disadvantaged people. CCF wants to help make Cambridgeshire a county where we can all share in success, where local philanthropy will be the norm and communities are empowered to help all those in need. We support incredible people brimming with hope and potential who understand how we can bring about positive change. CCF’s role is to connect people and businesses wanting to help with those projects that genuinely change lives. To help us do more we are launching a new Friends scheme. CCF only exists with your support. You can see a list of our current Friends in the dropdown below.

Our Friends scheme gives you the opportunity to support Cambridgeshire communities in a simple but effective way. Friends of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation will make an annual gift, starting from £30 a month. By joining with us to make a difference across Cambridgeshire and help those less fortunate you will:

✓ Demonstrate your support for your local community
✓ Support the development of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation
✓ Help us to help Cambridgeshire communities, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged
✓ Receive thanks on our website and elsewhere
✓ Attend events, meet some of the people you helped and connect with other Friends
✓ Receive regular updates about our work
✓ If you’re a business, use our Friends of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation logo

And if you are a taxpayer remember, that Gift Aid could add 25% to your donation!

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of CCF, please email

Current Friends of CCF


Stuart Evans

Robert Sansom



Citrix R&D

DG Building

Lakin Rose

Dardan Security

MM Wealth

First Base Limited