Charities wishing to close or needing help

"Tell the Charity Commission if you wish close a registered charity. You also need to make sure any property or assets are dealt with.

Consider if you can make effective use of the charity’s remaining funds by transferring them to another charity with compatible purposes. Alternatively, you might find a community foundation ....... to continue to run your trust in line with its objects." Extract from the Charity Commission website.

CCF offers a package of services to charitable trusts.

Are you looking to close a charity you are a trustee of, or would you and your fellow trustees benefit from some help with the administration of grant making or donations you are trying to make ?

As regulation of the charity sector becomes tighter, many charitable trusts struggle to fulfil their original aims and objectives. 

Trust criteria can also become outdated, the interest of trustees can wane, and finding suitable projects to support becomes difficult.

The Foundation can help revitalise charitable trusts by matching the criteria of the trust to suitable projects, dealing with the administration, while giving trustees the level of control and involvement they desire. We also have the flexibility to honour relationships your Trust may have with some ‘favourite’ charities, and distribute only the balance to other organisations.

The Foundation has effectively distributed funds for charitable trusts since 2004. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in community development and the voluntary sector, we are uniquely placed in Cambridgeshire to offer charitable trusts a comprehensive and tailor-made grantmaking service.