The RSM Peterborough Fund

The RSM Peterborough Fund offers small grants to projects in Peterborough that:

  • Help young people achieve their full potential, through youth projects around the environment, unemployment or education; or
  • Give opportunities to disabled people, including those with learning difficulties.

Recent Awards

Recent grant awards made by the RSM Peterbrough Fund include:

Goldhay Arts received £400 to purchase new percussion instruments to be played by adults with learning difficulties in their music group's summer show.

Headway Cambridgeshire received £295 to help run a series of activities and sessions for young people with a brain injury to build their confidence.

Little Miracles received £200 to fund internet connection for one year.

Huntingdon Cricket Board Coaches Association received £200 to deliver a project that supports the development of cricket for young people with disabilities.

National Autistic Society – Peterborough & District Branch received £196 to purchase digital equipment.

Outbreak received £590 to purchase equipment for ‘Outbreak FC’ to improve the training and skills of members from a poor background and some with unemployed families.