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Cotton Farm Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The Cotton Farm Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund supports charitable projects that demonstrably benefit a material proportion of the local community by supporting their use and enjoyment of the local area and/or contributing to a positive community spirit.

Applications for funding are invited by constituted groups (not individuals) delivering charitable projects for residents living in the residential areas up to 3km from the wind farm in the parishes of Offord D'Arcy, Graveley, Toseland, Great Paxton and Yelling.

Organisations must have three or more independent people on their management committee, an up to date Equality Policy, a bank account with two or more independent signatures and a Safeguarding Policy if working with either children and/or vulnerable adults. If groups need help with the preparation of any of these documents or their constitution, please contact CCF who will put you in touch with the local Council for Voluntary Service.

If the group is a registered charity its submissions to the Charity Commission must be up-to-date.

Grants will be offered normally in the range of £250 to £5,000.

Groups offered a grant will be required to provide detailed information on how the funding was spent and to provide monitoring information to include a case study, pictures and a summary of the impact of the grant funding.

Grants will not be made retrospectively so no commitment for expenditure should be made before the date of the grant offer letter. Funding will not be provided to support projects promoting political or religious views, for sponsored events or to cover expenditure considered to be a statutory responsibility. Grants will not normally be given to projects primarily concerned with animal welfare, medical research and equipment, or overseas travel.

Funding decisions are made once a year at a panel meeting.

Funded Projects

Cotton Farm Residents Association received £600 to support the costs of maintaining a noise monitor.

Yelling Village Hall Social Club received £680 to upgrade their cellar floor and buy a new cash register.

Yelling Cricket Club received £275 to purchase fuel to run the mowers and rollers.

Graveley Parish Council received £5,400 to continue upkeep and improvements to the village hall and repairs to the village shelters and coronation pavilion.

Offord Cluny & Offord Darcy Parish Council received £638 to replace two dilapidated benches on the Millennium Green.

Offord Short Mat Bowls Club received £680 to purchase new bowls and jacks in order to increase membership.

The Offords Recreation Hut (Offord Village Hall) received £1,060 to buy newer light fittings that use more energy efficient bulbs.

Great Paxton Church of England Primary School received £3,950 to modernise the Community Room toilets and kitchen.

Yelling Village Hall received £1,405 to purchase and install new hot water heaters in the kitchen and toilets.

Yelling Parish Council received £180 to buy fifteen A3 poster frames, fixings and cover sheets to disseminate information about community events to residents.

Offord Cluny & Offord Darcy Parish Council received £1,900 to provide two (one for Offord Cluny & one for Offord Darcy) Public Access Defilbrilators for the Parish.