Cambridgeshire Young Carers Fund

The Cambridgeshire Young Carers Fund offers grants to local charities that are providing support to young carers. Grants are available between £5,000 and £30,000. Applications will be considered for grants to be awarded over a term of up to three years (e.g. up to £10,000 per year over three years).

Applications from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will be considered.

This fund was set up in June 2017 as a ring-fenced endowment fund that will offer grants to projects that support young carers. The Fund will be invested and each year’s income will be used for grants while the capital is preserved to ensure that the fund is sustainable.

Young carers are children who take on adult responsibilities in the home – cooking, cleaning, looking after siblings while unsupervised, providing physical (washing, dressing and feeding) and mental support to the adult who has to be cared for.   As well as meeting these demands at home they are expected to do well at school, make friends and have a normal childhood.

Most of the available support is from charitable organisations who offer one to one counselling; the monitoring of the health and well being of known young carers; personal development; activities through clubs and trips; and teaching the teachers in all primary and secondary schools in the county to recognize the young carers in their classes and to understand their needs. 

All donations are welcome.  For every £2 donated to the Fund, a further £1 will be added from other resources that CCF has secured.  The target is to build a Fund of £100,000.

Funded Projects

Carers Trust Cambridgeshire received £5,000 to continue to support young carers in Huntingdonshire through regular groups, educational help and social activities such as trips away and holiday clubs.

20Twenty Productions CIC received £700 towards the provision of free places at youth theatres to young carers, looked after children and children from low income families to grow their confidence and skills.

Cambridge Student Community Action received £1,250 to run the Big Siblings scheme where student volunteers visit local families to provide opportunities for children referred by social and family intervention workers and to be a mentor for them.