New - Grants for minor repair /home improvements

The Stay Well programme  was extended on 12 December 2017.  In addition to grants to contribute to the heating costs of vulnerable individuals/families living in Cambridgeshire (see below) , a new grant (of up to £300 per household) is available  to cover small repairs/improvements to homes with a view to increasing energy efficiency, and hence reducing heating costs.  The repairs/improvements are to be undertaken by Age UK and no grant funding will be paid direct to the  intended beneficiary.

Initially, the repair/energy improvement scheme is offered to people in Cambridgeshire who are 65 or over, or living with a disability*.  A referring organisation can recommend an eligible person using the online form on the link on the left hand side  of this webpage. 

If the referral is approved, Age UK will contact the intended beneficiary to arrange a home visit.  During the home visit an energy audit will be undertaken and small improvements/repairs will be discussed and delivered, if appropriate, through the Age UK handyperson service.  Up to £300 of work will be covered by the Stay Well programme without cost to the beneficiary. Other energy efficiency schemes /grants etc will also be highlighted as part of the audit.

*Once the pilot has been assessed, the eligibility criteria will be reviewed to see if it can be widened

To apply for a home visit for a person you consider eligible and in  need of help with minor repairs/improvements (such as broken cat flap, broken window, faulty thermostat), complete the relevant section of the online form accessed on the left hand side of this webpage.

Heating Grants

Grants up to £300 for vulnerable individuals/families living in Cambridgeshire (not including Peterborough) facing fuel poverty to contribute towards future heating costs. For those that are homeless, other costs of keeping warm (such as sleeping bags) will be considered.

Individuals/families must be referred by an organisation (voluntary sector or local authority) that has assessed the circumstances and can verify that the individual/family are in extreme crisis and in need of immediate assistance.

Repeat /multiple requests for one family or individual  are not anticipated as it is expected that the referring agent is doing all they can to help the person move on from the crisis point.

Where there is historic debt owed to their energy supplier, the organisation helping the individual will need to seek support from a debt advice agency or other resource. The Stay Well Grant will not be paid to offset historic debt.

Grants will be paid direct to the energy supplier, or to the referring agent to buy a prepayment token or other items.

To apply, complete the relevant section of the online form accessed on the left hand side of this webpage.